Clearwater Compliance joins Intel Health & Life Sciences to offer Hospitals & Health Systems a new cybersecurity tool: 

Breach Security Assessment

*Healthcare security breaches cost $1.6B in the U.S. & the cost of breaches continues to rise.  In addition, more then half of hospitals have been hit by ransomeware in the last 12 months alone, a number expected to also increase.

The Healtcare Security Readiness Program aims to help healthcare organizations measure security maturity and defend against cyberattacks.

The Breach Security Assessment evaluates priorities across 8 types of breaches and ransomware, and 42 security capabilities including; administrative, physical and technical safeguards that can help mitigate the risk of security breaches.

The confidential, benchmark analysis and results show security maturity, priorities and capabilities relative to the Health and Life Sciences industry.  The findings will also shine a light on areas where the hospital/health system may be lagging and require closer attention.

Complimentary Healthcare Breach Security Readiness Assessment

This engagement involves a one-hour meeting for the assessment, and results in an extensive report that shows participating organizations how their breach security compares with the broader Health and Life Sciences industry.

Key takeaways for participating in the Breach Security Assessment include:
  • A Breach Security Maturity Score highlighting:
    • The types of breaches that are being over or under prioritized
    • The organization's percentile in terms of readiness across 8 breach types
    • The significant gaps and opportunities for improvement across 42 breach security capabilities
  • Traceability to key regulations and standards: Enabling participants to see how addressing any gap may also help with compliance.
  • Expert advice:  From the Industry Leaders in Cybersecurity solutions, software, and education on how to move forward post assessment.

How does your breach security compare? We invite you to engage in a 1 hour, confidential, and complimentary assessment of your breach security to find out.

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