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SecureWorks and Clearwater have co-authored: White Paper #2 

Applying the 'Doctrine of Maneuver Warfare' to the Execution of a Cybersecurity Action Plan

A must read for Healthcare Leaders.

With the constantly evolving cybersecurity threats in healthcare, it is more important then ever for industry experts to come together to help equip hospitals and health systems with the tools and information necessary to combat cyber risks.

Co-Authored By: Mary Chaput, CFO & Compliance Officer at Clearwater & Cliff Kittle, Principal Healthcare Information Security Expert at SecureWorks

Applying the “Doctrine of Maneuver Warfare” to the Execution of a Cybersecurity Action

  • A thorough description of the seven core values of the Doctrine of Maneuver Warfare and how to apply them to Healthcare Cybersecurity

  • Understand how to target critical vulnerabilities, prioritize and respond to them

  • What the benefit and value of Risk Mitigation include