Instant-Access Online HIPAA and
Cyber Risk Management BootCamp™



bootcampconnecting-the-dots-1024x548.pngThis package of presentations from a recent live, virtual HIPAA and Cyber Risk Management BootCamp™ is an excellent value providing you with the complete curriculum in the convenience of your home or office.  Benefit from learning at your own pace.

The 9 educational modules are delivered complete with recordings of live presentations, full presentation slide decks, a toolkit of supplemental resources including White Papers, tools and more!

HIPAA Compliance Education: HIPAA Simplified by the Experts™

Designed for busy professionals, the HIPAA and Cyber Risk Management BootCamp™ distills the critical information you need to know about the HIPAA regulations and NIST guidance on information risk management. The BootCamp™ has helped hundreds of professionals just like you, learn HIPAA and cyber risk management fundamentals. The On Demand version of the BootCamp™ includes a toolkit of supplemental materials, packed with invaluable information on the step-by-step process to start or revamp your compliance and risk programs.

Learn what you need to know and leverage materials to better manage HIPAA compliance risks and the increasingly more significant cyber risks in the healthcare ecosystem.

Modules Included:

  1. Session I – Module 0 – Welcome, Introductions and Setting the Stage
  2. Session I – Module 1 – Overview of the NIST Risk Management Framework and Process
  3. Session I – Module 2 – Lessons Learned: A Deeper Dive into the HIPAA Rules
  4. Session I – Module 3 – The Critical Difference: HIPAA Security Compliance Evaluation vs. HIPAA Security Risk Analysis
  5. Session II – Module 4 – Panel Discussion – Addressing Healthcare Cybersecurity Strategically
  6. Session II – Module 5 – What You Need to Know About an OCR-Quality Risk Analysis
  7. Session II – Module 6 – How to Implement a Strong, Proactive Business Associate Risk Management Program
  8. Session III – Module 7 – What You Need to Know About an OCR-Quality Risk Response
  9. Session III – Module 8 –  How to Adopt the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF)
  10. Session III – Module 9 – Now What? Summary and Action Planning