Registration: IRM|Analysis™  Demo

See Enterprise Cyber Risk Management Software in Action

April 29th | 11AM - 12PM CT

Managing cyber risk in Healthcare today is complex. Risk presents itself in an
ever-changing threat landscape, filled with bad actors who don’t play by the rules.
A Healthcare organization trying to manage cyber risk without software specifically designed for this purpose is no better off than one trying to manage payment processing, payroll, or electronic medical record keeping with spreadsheets.  
Join the live demonstration of Clearwater's IRM|Analysis™ and learn how Enterprise Cyber Risk Management Software can be used to:
  • Guide your team through the risk analysis process with built-in, proprietary algorithms that assign vulnerability, threat, and control assessments to information assets based on their attributes.
  • Identify where your organization’s most critical risks lie, enabling you to prioritize risk mitigation.
  • Assign risk mitigation tasks, and track workflow through completion.
  • See real-time status and metrics of risk analysis and risk mitigation progress via easily accessible dashboards.

Interested in other IRM|Pro™ modules?  Let us know by contacting us and we will work with you to set up a separate live demo.

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